What you should know about us

1. We have trusted relationships with the most successful rehab centers in the nation.
2. We have extensive knowledge of current forms of addiction treatment.
3. We have a proven track record of helping thousands of clients get clean and sober.
4. We believe that addiction to drugs and alcohol is a symptom of underlying problem requiring body, mind and spiritual treatment.
5. Our counselors truly understand addiction having been in rehab and are in recovery.

Mission Statement

Our mission at LastRehab Referral Service is to help people find a final life-long solution to their crippling problem of addiction. We are dedicated to making the process comfortable and dignified in providing direction and clarity to our clients confronting the daunting plurality of treatment modalities and the congestion of rehab centers. We pledge to refer our clients to the treatment centers that have the highest success rates in the nation providing superior resources to overcome addiction and be successful in life.

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