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Living with addiction is a life of guilt, desperation, sadness, anxiety, worry, and futility. It is its own full time job - Whether it’s getting through any given Sunday when the liquor store is closed, getting through the next 10 days waiting for the date of your prescription refill, or trying to figure out finding money for drugs so you don’t have to suffer through painful withdrawals. You know a DUI is on the horizon, whether it will be your first or third, or you know that any day can land you in jail. Looking over your shoulder waiting to be fired at work (if you weren’t already) surely is no treat as well. Knowing you are slowly killing yourself is actually no big deal, as there are times you would rather die than live anyway. You go through each day knowing you are letting everyone you love down. You watch your relationships fall apart. You watch all the dreams you set forth for yourself as a little boy or little girl fly out the window forever.

Talking to your loved ones about your addiction is its own problem. Most everyone is angry with you or at least very disappointed in you. They are hurt. They have been lied to so many times that there seems to be no way they will believe anything you say now. Even if they do believe your intentions now, they surely may not really believe you can really get your life clean anyway. What do you say to someone you may have stolen from, yelled at, manipulated for money, or called names? They may have already given up on you, and if they didn’t - they probably will. Worse than that, you have made yourself an easy target, and some loved ones might blame you for everything that has ever gone wrong in their lives too.

Deciding what to do is where some of the real confusion sets in. Almost everyone struggling with addiction goes through a phase where they honestly think they can beat it alone. After realizing that you can’t do it alone, you may decide that you can’t get your life back without help and that some kind of treatment is necessary. Then you ask yourself: Should I do an outpatient program? Should I do an inpatient treatment? How long of a program will I need to do?

Looking at your treatment options is overwhelming. All the questions can drive you to drink, or use, more than ever. Then more questions come up. What kinds of treatment are out there anyway, and what treatment would work best for me? What are these places like? What am I willing to do? Can I leave my job and do treatment? Will my spouse, or girlfriend or boyfriend, find someone else when I am gone to treatment after all I put them through? What part of the addict in me wants to try and move into my head and make these decisions for me?

Call us today, we can help you with the answers to all your questions. It is a big step, but one you know now that you have to take. As scary as it may seem now, when you get these answers, you will find that it is easy to find the right way to go about getting your life and happiness back.

Family Member or Friend

Watching your loved one slowly die from addiction is one of the most despairing situations one can find themselves in. The feeling of helplessness is indescribable. You fall between sadness and anger at any given moment. GET HELP NOW

After completing the drug-rehabilitation program, I feel like myself again. I have found the person I always knew I wanted to be and the person I knew I always could be.
- K W.

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