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Living with an addict or alcoholic is difficult and painful. You are torn between your deep love for the way that person used to be and the unrecognizable monster they have become. You desperately want to help them yet they rebuff your intention and actions to help them.

Watching your loved one slowly die from addiction is one of the most despairing situations one can find themselves in. The feeling of helplessness is indescribable. You fall between sadness and anger at any given moment. You are constantly lied to and wonder how a person who had so much potential at one time, or may have actually achieved so much at one point in their life, can allow this to happen. They may even be stealing from you. Is this a choice they made? Why can’t they just decide to stop? Why do they make these decisions? Why do they associate with bad people yet shut their loved ones out of their lives? Is it a mental condition? All you know is that you sure do miss them.

You feel guilty wondering if it is something you did or didn’t do that caused them to turn to drugs and alcohol. Out of love, you tried to help them, but realize perhaps you are simply enabling them to continue their addiction. No matter, you can feel their pending death or incarceration in the air... and it hurts.

Talking to your loved one about their addiction seems especially difficult. How do you bring it up? Should you use a “tough love” approach and make some ultimatums, or will that make them feel abandoned? Is a softer, loving, and caring approach best, or will that open the door for the addict in your life to take advantage of you even more? Will they get angry at you and say hurtful things? Will they agree they need treatment? If they don’t agree, what do you do then? The truth is that there are certain ways that you can effectively confront them on their struggle and there are specialists who can either talk you through it, or actually help you.

Deciding what to do is the ultimate challenge. It is overwhelming. Do you consider outpatient treatment? Is an inpatient treatment the only true option, and if so, will a 30 day program be enough or must it be longer for them to have a chance at recovery? What kind of treatments are out there and which will help your loved one the most? Do they deserve for you to pull the trigger on high quality private care? Will insurance cover it, and if there is no insurance, how much would it cost the family? What options are there to pay for it?

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Talking to your loved ones about your addiction is its own problem. Most everyone is angry with you or at least very disappointed in you. They are hurt. They have been lied to so many times that there seems to be no way they will believe anything you say now. GET HELP NOW

...we were astonished at this little girl who was willing to go anywhere to get our son face to face and work with him until he agreed to treatment.
- TG.

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