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Desert Oasis

We help get our students into holistic rehabilitation centers that are serene and peaceful. These centers create and environment which helps nurture the physical and emotional well-being of the students. These rehab centers include the Alternative To Meds Center as seen here.

  • photos/grill1.jpg

    Orange Fish
  • photos/grill2.jpg

    Sea Turtle
  • photos/grill3.jpg

    Red Coral
  • photos/grill4.jpg

    Coral Reef
  • photos/grill5.jpg

    Blue Fish
  • photos/grill6.jpg

    Yellow Fish
  • photos/grill7.jpg

    Yellow Fish
  • photos/grill8.jpg

    Yellow Fish
  • photos/grill9.jpg

    Yellow Fish
  • photos/grill10.jpg

    Yellow Fish
  • photos/grill11.jpg

    Yellow Fish
  • photos/grill12.jpg

    Yellow Fish
  • photos/grill13.jpg

    Yellow Fish

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Finally I tried a holistic, drug free program and it actually made
sense to me.
- Tom W.

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