We offer a holistic drug-free alternative approach to drug and alcohol addiction.

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Whether this is your first or your sixth rehab, we will help you make it your last. No single form of treatment works for everyone, our specialists will help you find the right rehab program among the thousands of rehab centers nationwide. We have helped thousands of clients take the first step of recovery by getting them in the treatment facility to meet their needs. We are proud to have helped our clients achieve a success rate 8 to 10 times higher than traditional treatment centers. We help people take back control of their lives and put drugs and alcohol behind them forever.
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Holistic Approach

Holistic means body, mind and spirit collectively addressed to enhance life or to handle a problem. Therefore, a "holistic rehab" is one that focuses on body, mind and spirit to handle addiction. At our holistic drug rehab centers, each of these areas are thoroughly addressed with a wide range of therapeutic solutions. This proven holistic approach helps each client find themselves and go on to lead happy and successful lives.
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We refer students to drug rehab programs that are entirely drug-free. These programs do not use drugs or medications to solve the problems caused by other drugs. These programs use a unique process to address physical health to detoxify the body and treat addiction. This is recognized by industry experts as the most optimal approach to detoxify the body of drugs and so restore an individual's sense of well-being.
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Personal Development

We refer to our clients as students rather than patients because it empowers them to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal development. Moreover, a patient is someone receiving treatment, while by definition a student is an active participant. We have found that students in holistic programs are highly engaged in all phases of the program and achieve a higher success rate than patients in traditional treatment.
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Emotional and Spiritual Development

Upon completing the body detoxification process the underlying "life issues" of addiction are addressed. This process restores the individual's self-determination in his ability to lead a productive drug-free life. This personal growth leads to a deeper sense of spirituality.
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How the Process Works

When you call Seattle LastRehab, youíll speak with one of our trained counselors who will guide you through the process of getting you or your loved one into the best rehab center to suit your needs. The counselor will:

  • Identify the studentís addiction
  • Conduct an analysis to determine the severity of the case
  • Devise an action plan to address the unique needs of the student and get them into treatment
    • Discuss whether an intervention is required
    • Determine whether a medical detox is necessary

The counselor will then answer any questions or concerns the student and/or their family may have in regards to the recovery process.

Once this interview has taken place, LastRehab will:

  • Facilitate whatever travel arrangements are required to get the addict or alcoholic to the treatment center
  • Provide the loved-ones of the addicted individual with an intervention specialist if needed; someone who understands the complexities of addiction and can help get the addict or alcoholic into treatment
  • Arrange for a medical detox if necessary

We will work with the treatment center in advance; making sure that the admission process goes as smoothly as possible.

Once a student has arrived at the rehab center, they are introduced to their dedicated Case Manager. This is someone who will give them the guidance and support they need in order to remain focused on their recovery. Case Managers understand the devastating impact which outside stresses can have on the success of a student; they work with the student to ensure these outside factors do not derail their progress.

Following a safe, drug-free detox; the student is introduced to the facility. They are shown the grounds, amenities and able to see how happy the other students are who are further along in their program.

A Case Supervisor is assigned to the student who will oversee and guide the student through all aspects of the program. The rehab program itself will generally last from 3 to 5 months and prepares students for a life free from addiction. The holistic approach heals the studentís mind, body and spirit; uniquely preparing them to stay sober when confronted with triggers they encounter in everyday life.

After Rehab

When a student has completed the program and has the tools to live an alcohol and drug-free life, they will take part in a graduation ceremony that celebrates their freedom from addiction. At the ceremony, graduates receive a certificate; signifying all they have accomplished in just a few short months.

Following graduation, students will work with their Case Supervisor to develop a personalized after-care plan to live a substance-free life. This program will help them to live dependency-free and find success in work, life and relationships.

Finally, we offer phone follow-up support which will help the students stay on track, and find help with any issues that arise in their newfound life.

Call Seattle LastRehab for help now.

Finally I tried a holistic, drug free program and it actually made
sense to me.
- Tom W.

Going to rehab saved my life. It was like the counselors picked me up and put me down on my feet in this very cool program that helped me look at things that caused my drug use.
- John C.

I just wish that other people who are caught in the trap of addiction could
find the kind of help that the program gave me.
- Emma F.

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