Alcohol Abuse

Breaking the Rehab Cycle with Seattle LastRehab

For most people, alcohol addiction is a painful cycle of sobriety and relapse. According to an article in the LA Times, it is estimated that only about eight to twelve percent of alcoholics who complete a traditional rehab program go on to live clean, sober and productive lives. But there’s hope. LastRehab refers our students to holistic programs that have a success rate which is eight to ten times that of a traditional rehab process. Regardless of whether this is you or your loved one’s first or their ninth attempt at sobriety, it will be the last.

A Complex Problem

Alcohol addiction is rarely the result of just one factor. Family history, social pressures, mental illness, even the insidious nature of alcoholism itself plays a role in the alcoholic’s destructive behaviors. LastRehab understands the complexity of addiction and gives students and their families the tools to deal with their personal set of challenges. We will help you or the one you love break the cycle of addiction and relapse for good.

The Importance of a Safe Detox

We believe that a drug-free detox is best, however Seattle LastRehab will arrange a medical detox administered by an MD addictionologist to insure the safety of the student. We recognize there are some occasions of extreme alcohol withdrawal where the use of certain medications is necessary to ensure the safe detox of a student. LastRehab also helps students with a safe, drug-free alcohol detox. Unlike a medical detox where drugs are used to assist the body’s transition from alcohol dependency; a drug-free detox focuses on safely allowing the body to cleanse itself with natural assistance. Experts agree that a more organic detox regimen consisting of vitamins, exercise and good nutrition is the best way to rid the body of toxins and return it to its natural state.

Seattle Alcohol Rehabilitation

If you or your loved-one is stuck in a cycle of addiction and you’re looking for alcohol rehabilitation in Seattle, we can help. Don’t be discouraged by past failures; our holistic, “mind, body and spirit” approach succeeds where traditional rehab fails. There is no “one size fits all” program for treating alcohol addiction; each student’s needs are unique and require the personalized attention. From the student’s initial medical exam to the counseling and coursework which follow their safe, drug-free detox. Seattle LastRehab equips students with an individualized plan; tailored to their specific needs. At LastRehab, we treat the whole person, not just the addiction. Sobriety is a lifelong journey. Our holistic approach to recovery is the reason our students have a greater success rate than those at traditional rehab program. Call Seattle LastRehab now to speak to one of our addiction experts to help you or your loved one get started on the road to success today.

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Everyone needs help at one time or another. My sister’s inability to ask for help is what caused her addiction to drag on for 5 long years.The moment she asked for help, our lives changed.
- Danna P.

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