Detox Therapy

How do Seattle Detox Centers Work?

Detox therapy is a crucial aspect to any successful drug or alcohol rehab program. At LastRehab, we believe that the holistic rehab centers offer the best possible solution. This is because we use a holistic, mind, body and spirit approach; which is considered the best type of program by many industry experts.

The Initial Stages of Detox

If an intervention has occurred, the Seattle rehab facility will be notified in advance so that they can be ready for the addict or alcoholicís arrival. Once there, the student will be interviewed and evaluated by a trained counselor so their needs can be assessed. The student will be introduced to a calm and soothing environment, where their questions or concerns can be addressed.

A Safe, Drug-Free Detox

While a small percentage of students require a medical detox, the majority experience a safe, drug-free withdrawal at the rehab center. Upon arrival the student will be observed 24-hours a day throughout the detoxification process. The student will be monitored around the clock by trained professionals; additionally, they will be provided with a healthy diet and vitamin regimen. After detox, students will be transitioned from withdrawal to join the other students. They will be introduced to the centerís amenities, shown around the property and witness other happy students who are further along in their recovery process.

A Medical Detox

Though a safe, drug-free detox is best; there are some situations which require a medical detox in order to ensure the safety of the student. The LastRehab referral counselor and the intake officer can determine if this process is needed over the phone. These professionals can determine the appropriate medical detox based on the type of drug(s) and length of time of abuse. The detoxification process generally takes anywhere from 4 to 10 days. As the studentís physical state improves the wind down process begins, by gradually tapering the dosage of drugs administered until the student is off drugs and stable enough to continue the rehabilitation program. Call us now for a safe detox from drugs and alcohol.

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