I struggled with addiction for 24 years; 8 treatment programs that did not bring lasting recovery. Finally I tried a holistic, drug free program and it actually made sense to me. Best of all it handled all of my problems relating to addiction, physical, emotional, mental and social. That was 14 years ago and I have never looked back. I was addicted, now I am free to be the person I was always meant to be; happy and able to handle life easily.
- Tom W.

I owe my life and happiness to the holistic drug rehab program I went to and the methods it uses. I just wish that other people who are caught in the trap of addiction could find the kind of help that the program gave me. The program really flushed my body of drugs and eliminated the cravings. There is counseling and life skills courses that help restore the self-respect that drugs destroy. It saved my life and the lives of the other people I met there.
- Emma F.

I was falling off a cliff and half-way down when my parents found the drug rehab referral counselors at LastRehab. Going to rehab saved my life. It was like the counselors picked me up and put me down on my feet in this very cool program that helped me look at things that caused my drug use. Now I’ve just completed the program. I came in a boy and I’m leaving a man. I owe it to a stranger. Out of the kindness of his heart the counselor gave me a chance to do the program and be somebody. I wish everyone that was in my position had that super-hero to come down and put them on their feet.
- John C.

I had a major win dealing with a graduate that was leaving our holistic drug rehab program. He hugged me after completing his program and said, "Thank you for giving back my life." This was so awesome! He was a friend who had been to six traditional drug programs and had recently left a program and reverted to drug use. I worked with him, his family, and his girlfriend to finally get him to do our holistic program that addresses the mind, body and spirit. He was here just over two months and I can really see the changes in him as he got closer to completing his rehab program. Now he is on his way home, completely drug free.
- Annie G.

Via email today I received a note from a graduate of our rehab facility. He said, "April 29th is one year free of crack. I am forever grateful for the Program. It saved my life." He is now doing well in life. He is re-united with his wife and family and has his career back. It's a great feeling to know a year later he is still doing great!
- Greg H.

My name is John. I have been an addict most of my life, heroin and methamphetamine, cocaine and other drugs have been all that I have known for so long I didn’t think it was possible to stop. Recently I found myself in serious legal trouble with regards to drugs. My parents searched for a treatment program for me and I had agreed to go but was resistant to actually doing it and was trying to put it off as long as I could. My father decided he needed an interventionist to help. He was referred to a lady named Holly, she is considered an expert witness in courtrooms all over the country and is not afraid to stand up and say what she believes about treatment being a solution to crimes that are committed by addicts. My dad seemed very impressed with her and asked her to appear in court to try and make it possible for me to attend treatment instead of stay out of jail on bond and possibly get into more trouble (I, of course, promised I would not, but we all know that probably was not realistic because I was still using every day.) When she arrived in court I realized that I recognized her. She sat beside me and told me she wanted to visit with my attorney, the prosecuting attorney and the District Attorney, I asked her to please just let my paid attorney do the talking but she refused. She discussed the available options with the DA, the prosecuting attorney and my attorney and asked that she be allowed to take me that very day to treatment. I don’t know what she said exactly but the Judge looked so happy and agreed to allow me to attend. I have to say I was nervous and didn’t really want to go, but she came to my house and helped me pack up and talked to me about the past and what the future had in store for me if I could get myself together. She told me how she had lost everything in her life prior to attending treatment and the legal problems that she had been able to overcome by getting her life straight. I have to say I was shocked to see her in court and at my house - again. You see, we had known each other when she was addicted and I knew from looking at her now that I truly had a chance. She inspired me to do the right thing. I am in treatment now and because she would not take no for an answer I know that I have a real second chance at my life. I am where I am supposed to be. If she shows up at your house or in your court room, do yourself a favor - just go. I will be the best decision you could ever make.
- John K.

I am a mother, my husband is a doctor and our son was horribly hooked on crack cocaine. We tried everything we could to get him to go to treatment and time after time he either refused or went and then ran away, always in search of crack. The lies and the stories were more than we could deal with and we were at our wits end. Our family, like many others, didn’t know where to turn for help and after so many years of failed attempts at getting our son clean we were ready to throw our hands up and admit defeat. The most frightening thing for a mother to do is give up on her child. After speaking, once again, to countless counselors we kept hearing about a woman interventionist. My husband, being a doctor was of course skeptical in having a female try and get our crafty son stably into treatment but we were desperate for something and someone who could communicate with him on his level, desperate for someone who understood where he was in his life and who understood the control that crack cocaine had over our son. We decided to take the leap. Upon meeting her, we were astonished at this little girl who was willing to go anywhere to get our son face to face and work with him until he agreed to treatment. She was patient and kind and answered all every question we had. Our son was prone to violent outbursts and we were terrified that he would harm her in some way, she was not afraid. She told us that the most violent man in the world couldn’t scare her away from trying to help them. She promised that she would do everything within her power to help him understand and agree to what he needed to do and then - just as she promised - she did. Our son was quietly listening to her talk, asking questions and nodding agreement to her advice, she pulled him outside so they could speak in private and so that he could feel free to tell her the truth. When they came back inside, two full hours later, he simply said, “I’ll go.” We were stunned. She packed him up, booked flights for them both and delivered him to the treatment program that we had chosen. That was almost 6 years ago. Our son is now sober, healthy and happy. He has become a wonderful counselor at a completely different treatment center and is successful in his life today. We feel so thankful for her gentle understanding guidance and her ability to give us hope that we could once again have our son back. I have no question that God himself sent her to us. My husband still calls her his personal angel. She is an angel of mercy and help, when you need it most.
- TG.

"After completing the drug-rehabilitation program, I feel like myself again. I have found the person I always knew I wanted to be and the person I knew I always could be. I am more confident and happy with myself than I ever have been in my whole life. I couldn't be happier about my choice to attend a drug-free program.
- K W.

Four years ago I was just like you. Sitting at my computer trying to figure out what to do. My sister was addicted to mathamphetamine. She had lost everything from her job, her home, her car, and even her children. But there was just no end in site. She had been jailed three times and each time I thought this will be it, they will keep her and I can just move on. But then they would release her and the horrors would start again. Finally I decided that I needed to find help. I called LastRehab and spoke to a drug rehab referral counselor who really helped me. They recommended a drug-free program and helped me get my sister to the facility. The staff were so helpful from first time that I called I never felt pressure and I was able to make the right choice. They were just wonderful. My sister has been clean for three years now and we have a wonderful relationship. It is amazing.
- Joan F.

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